The TR Frankenstein Adventures

A sample board from the middle of the pilot episode, done in Photoshop.


A selection of boards from the first act of this animated sitcom, currently in development.

Skyjinx (Animatic)

A storyboard animatic for the first act of this animated sitcom pilot. Audio excluded.

Animatic and storyboard done entirely in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.

Family Guy Storyboard Revisionist Test Segment

A few pages out of my Family Guy SB Revisionist Test. Not a lot of action, but Family Guy is shot like a 3-camera sitcom, and the test was mainly about being able to draw the main characters on-model. I think I nailed it :)

Natalie, Queen of Scots

Some rough boards I created, just to guide my own animation for this project.

Like Dinosaurs

A few boards from this short music video.