The Simpsons - In Flandersfield

Written in 2004. Last revision in 2006. BFA Thesis script at NYU. 

When Ned Flanders is discovered to be a descendant of Jebediah Springfield, he is installed as mayor of Springfield; but when his plans to open a solar power plant threaten to put Homer and Mr. Burns out of work, they must team up to bring Ned down. 

Community - Pre-Law for Simpsons Fans

Written during season one. Last revision in 2012. 

Jeff must complete his "Pre-Law" class in order to get the degree he needs, while the rest of the gang takes sides in the campus showdown between the Solar Energy Cookout, and the vegetarians who are protesting it. Abed bets an internet nerd that he can speak entirely in Simpsons quotes for a week. 

The Office - Power Outage

Written during season two. Last revision in 2007. 

When Michael leaves the office during an emergency (a power outage), Jan suspends him and puts Jim in charge - infuriating Dwight - but Jim discovers that as boss, he can no longer get along with his co-workers or Pam, and plans to bring Michael back.

Family Guy - A Vicious Circus

Written in 2005. Last revision in 2006. 

On a trip to the circus, Peter is humiliated by a clown, vowing revenge, while Chris decides to become a clown. When Chris runs away with the circus, Peter chases him down; and when they both discover the horror of being a newbie clown, Peter resolves to rescue his son, no matter the added humiliation.

Back To You - Chuck the Patriot

Written during season one (2007/2008).  This show didn't last long, but I'll never turn down a chance to write for Kelsey Grammer or Fred Willard :)

When Chuck accidentally praises the New England Patriots on air in Steeler-happy Pittsburgh, he must go to great lengths to try and win back the public before he is fired from the station; while at the same time dealing with the fact that Kelly's new boyfriend may mean less time with his daughter.