Work Update / by Christopher Downes

Just put the finishing touches on my background animations for one of the pilot projects I'm working on. Should have some more work to do on that one after it's composited in New York...then it's off to Adult Swim for the Yea or Nay! :D

Also beginning a second draft opening titles animatic for another series being shopped around! This one with a few more show-specific details added and many more characters. Looking forward to approval so I can start on the final art!

The comic is on hold due to the aforementioned workload. I'm having a blast, working on it when I can, but outside commitments have to come first. Still not sure which project will actually make it to the public first...

I also got a new idea for how to crack this screenplay I've been working on for ages...but that's for the far distant future. As in, it probably only exists in the Star Trek universe.