Workin' Man! / by Christopher Downes

Oh man...I love being busy! I am also very conscious of how little I update this blog...which should hopefully be an indicator of my workload :)

I've been having a blast turning my old animated sitcom pilot into a comic book/graphic novel! The script has just been sitting around for ages, and I just finally decided I wanted to see it and share it, in whatever form I could manage. Animation would've been ideal, but would take me years and years, so... This comic is also taking a while, but I've decided to not give myself a deadline, and just focus on turning out something that is the best I can possibly manage. Currently doing a test coloring of one of my rough pages, just to test out a visual style. That should be up shortly!

Professionally, I'm in the process of wrapping up one project, and doing some boards on another. Can't share any details now, but be sure to look for links here, as soon as they're publicly available!