Dock Doyle: Minute Mystery!

Animated short for the 24-Hour Transmediathon to benefit the American Cancer Society.

I managed to write it, record voices, and get through partial animation in 24 hours (I like a challenge...), but all told it took about 60 hours to complete. Written, voiced and animated to resemble a crummy 70's Hanna-Barbera or Animated Star Trek cartoon (can you tell it was written in just 45 minutes? :). Used most of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Spaceship Liftoff

Fully Modeled and Rendered Cinema 4D AnimatioN

Built and animated in Cinema 4D, with some post work done in After Effects.

Cinema 4D MoGRaph Art

Just A little demo of mograph skills in Cinema 4D.

Created entirely in Cinema 4D.

America's Next Top Yogi

Intro and bumper MoGraph for a comedy short.

Created using Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and After Effects.

Grow Till Tall

Music video based on the Jonsi song "Grow Till Tall." My first animation ever.

Animated entirely in Photoshop, with some light compiling in Flash. Edited in Premiere Pro.


Natalie, Queen of Scots

Animated scene from the live action film (currently in development). Narration is excluded.

Animated in Photoshop, with some parallax effects done in Flash. Edited in Premier Pro.

Robotboy - "Racer Zero" Episode

I didn't animate this, but I did write the episode :)